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Sunday, March 25, 2012


There are 5 types of thoughts to my mind. There are:


I use the food method of grouping because it makes sense.

Raw Thoughts: These thoughts are the thoughts you read on my blog. They are spur of the moment thoughts that come from the heart, filled with the meaning you give to them. They are vital to our survival.
Ego Rating: 0-1

Boiled Thoughts: Thoughts that are in between Raw and Cooked, minor change but still majorly the same
Ego Rating: 2-4

Cooked Thoughts: These thoughts are the thoughts you somewhat think of but that are influenced by the media portrayal of what is cool. There is minor meaning to these thoughts, they are important.
Ego Rating: 3-6

Tempura Thoughts: Artificial thoughts inserted into our consciousnesses by media portrayal of what is socially acceptable. Most often the cause of social downfall or rise.
Ego Rating: 6-10

Dirty thoughts: Thoughts that are so disgusting they simply fill you with revulsion for yourself. Never a good thing.
Ego Rating: 10

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