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Friday, December 2, 2011

Storyboard and Why

 Are we all characters in a game? Or are we individual beings with our own minds and our own thoughts. Another way to say this could be, how much does this all powerful god really care about us? how much attention does he pay attention to us individually. I am of the belief in the illusion that somehow somewhere there is this big man watching us all on his ipad deciding how each of us will live our lives on some expensive god app. What lessons we will learn. Who we live our lives with. How we live them. I believe that each move is predetermined. You finding this blog. Either so you can provide something to me. Or so i may provide some thought provoking texts for you. Come out of your shell and dare to explore the otherworldly in the comfort of your home for a second here. 

Let me try to give an example of something that happened in my own life. if youve bothered to read some of the other posts you would have read the post about haters and the school one. if you havent i suggest you scroll down and read. Now if you have then i dare you to read on. See I think that the reason i have to undergo this is for three reasons that i am consciously aware of at this moment, 
1. Its a pretty rockin school for academics
2. I have to learn to accept change
3. Deal with the social awkwardness i havent experienced for a while
4. if you are a family member of mine. and you try to tell me how im getting used to this new school or mention this to me in a way other than to tell me how cool it is. i will delete this blog and never post again. that being said. there are more examples in our daily lives.
Por un example, you are close to someone, a mentor maybe. and they die. The lesson is learn to get along on your own without having someone else process your thoughts for you. but maybe that example is a little too drastic. try if you're going through a hard time and your mentor is on a business trip! there we go. no more death and stuff. I'm attempting most likely in vain to try to simplify this. its become deep rooted into my life when something perplexing happens or something normal happens. i ask myself. what can i learn? Now sometimes something hits you that you have no explanation for. in that case. the answer to the question is that the event occurred for someone else. not everything revolves around you. 
much love
mess with the bull get the horns
need more cliches. legitimitely. 
also! i'm leaving town por a few days and i wont be able to post. now as i'm sure your entire lives revolve around my blog i'm sure you kids are gonna break down and start crying. but be strong. i'm the one that has to leave my laptop at home.

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  1. O.K. so I think your new school "s...s" from what I'm reading. Don't care if I get in trouble with your mom! I also don't want you to delete your blog because I am really enjoying it.

    On different note, if everything is "pre-determined" do you believe in free will? Are we puppets? Not sure if you really mean pre-determined or more like everything happens for a reason, and there is a lesson in every experience.