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Tuesday, December 20, 2011


As many of my diligent stalkers may know. I’m in india! But that’s not the point of this post. This post is about what is normal. Not fashion or whether you eat snails or chicken. We’re going super basic. Human compassion among other humans. Kaamwalis are basically like full time maids. Working all day long to keep the house clean, feed the inhabitants of the house, clothe and bathe the kids. Basically the superglue that holds everything together. These people deserve days off. They don’t get them. Bu they deserve them. I’ve had a couple short conversations about my thoughts about the way they’re treated in relativity to how much work they do. And I’ve been told repeatedly that this is a good lifestyle considering the alternative which is living on the streets. If you ask me. And these may just be the words of an American with too much pride. I’d rather live on the streets and keep my dignity close by. Then Work my skin to the bone for some rich people who don’t even smile or acknowledge me when I come to collect their plates. Of course I’m just a radical tourist. And it may well be that these women really do have great lives. However, from what ive seen. Not so much. Granted that some may become accustomed to having these women around to serve your every whim and not consider it a big deal. But when you can just tell a grown woman to go get you something from the kitchen, which is in the next room, without feeling anything. Like MAKE ME A SANDWHICH. Bro. That’s some serious lack of empathy, apathy, understanding, compassion. Or maybe I’m just a judgmental teenager basing his opinions on shallow aspects of a deep rooted situation. So I have to ask myself. Based on what I know. Is Kaamwali just a term for a maid. Or is it the modern term for slave?
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From one sufi to another

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  1. Dude, its like a whole other world with the kamwaali thing, huh? Is caste seriously still an issue a week before 2012? What about humanity? What about us being a equal opportunity people? Of course, I'm just an American who doesn't get it either... What the hell do I know?!