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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Beautiful Things, My Change

There are a couple of huge aspects at play in my life at the moment:


Wanting to discovering myself

I like the idea of having a different approach to things than most people. So i've decided to change and make a "profile" for myself. A new persona. I will be the person i want instead of wishing to be there.

The most important question to ask myself right now.

Who is this dude?

So I name traits:

Theres the basic ones

The not so basic ones
Able to be himself in any situation
Able to remain true to himself and others
Able to be loyal and yet still be open to new people

And then there's the stuff I can do, I recently read the book Eat Pray Love which many of you might think is funny but its got some pretty legit stuff going on. The two messages I got are: 

 You need to start MEDITATING
You need to strive for BALANCE

So how far away am I exactly from these goals?
How much have i changed from the old me to get to where I need to go. 
first i need to know who the "old me" was
He was the kind of guy who knew he was flawed. and was coming to terms with it in the wrong way: by not doing anything about it.
He was the kind of guy who had physical flaws that he allowed to cloud his vision of himself. Teenage Insecurities. 

Water Break
This just in! There's a place in texas called Earth. So let it be known I am in earth. and miami. 

And I'm back

More later on something of the same sort

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