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Sunday, January 29, 2012

My expectations.

Its funny how a sound repeated over and over, along with a nice voice and some words that happen to apply to the moment, can make someone cry. Its funny how when someone screams your name and jumps on you to hug you. It means so much more than if you walk over and hug the person. Its funny how someone else's views can change your outlook. Its funny how someone else's experiences can change your outlook on something you would've thought was a bad situation. Its funny how someone attitude can change your mood from good to bad in seconds. Its funny how we all seem to love love songs. But we can't love each other. We claim to be grown up. We claim to have grown from middle school and high school. But really, the world is just a big middle school. The continents are the cliques. The Presidents and Prime Ministers are the main kids in charge of each groups. The countries are the kids who don't like everybody in the clique. Who make friends outside the cliques. Why then is the picture above applicable. Why is it that with all the social conditioning, the world has become that which it so commonly deems unacceptable. Like it or not. This is what the world has become. A High School. But all hope is not lost. There are the people who try to do something about it. Who realize that before we come together as clubs or cliques or 'countries' or 'continents'. We need to change the way we act.

The mindset for the average American teenager is: oh crap i have to wake up now. Oh crap im getting fat. Oh crap this cake is good. Oh crap i have to go to school. Oh crap mom drive me. Oh crap ill drive myself. A dull monotone of meaningless complaints and unappreciativeness. Now I said average. What about them average teenage mothers we got? I can't speak for them, but I would guess that they either have the oh crap mindset or the. I love my baby but why in the hell did i do this. Everybody's got complaints. Guess what people! Life tends to not be fair if you don't appreciate anything! 

Here comes the part where I talk about me. If you aren't interested or if you are, I suggest you re-read the paragraph above and join us below.

I guess the question to ask right now is: what does life mean to me?
Life means change. Life means dealing with what you have. Life means surviving.
The phrase
So close but so far
Comes to mind.
My expectations from other people are simple.

Accept me for who I am.
Don't be an a-hole.
Be nice.

My expectations for me? Here comes the messed up part

You should work out every day.
You should wake up an hour before you usually do, meditate.
You shouldn't judge anyone. 
You should be nice to everyone.
You should be grateful for everything you have.
You should be grateful for everything you don't have.
You should love everybody.
You should be ripped before you get into high school.
You should be spiritually enlightened before the 10th grade.
You should be perfect.

Needless to say I break down alot. I go to bed at 8pm, and for the days i feel like bumming around and not doing anything. I give myself a lecture about how I'm going to fail. And then I bum and eat some more. 
You're hardest on the people you love I guess.
I like loud clothes sometimes. I like good friends. I like white teeth. I like perfection. I think I want perfection.

And here comes the cool part.

I think I'll get it.

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