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Monday, January 30, 2012

No idea.

I've never started one of these without the slightest idea of what I'm doing. But I figure blogging is an expression of ones thoughts, and painting is an expression of ones emotions. Makes sense why most of my paintings mean nothing to anyone except me. My paintings start as me choosing a few random colors that in the moment feel good, and splatter them on a big sheet of paper. The resulting color throw up looking thing is eyed by me. Attacked with paint (thanks to one of my favorite people J.I) and then the paint gets scraped off. Sometimes I question my artistic ability. Because, well. There isn't any. Its all mush, but due to my ridiculously pointless 'deepness'. I see myself in this mess. A work in progress. I, like all people, am just a work in progress. You can just see the imperfections in everybody, the insecurities. Live life for the little things.

Sweet dreams

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  1. i like this, sorry for attacking you :)
    but then again i have no regrets.
    - Jasmine