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Monday, January 16, 2012

Ray of Sunshine

We all have these people in our lives. The people whose Rays of happiness blow a hole right through our clouds of misery and confusion. Whose mere presence is enough to make a good day better, a better day best, a bad day good, and a terrible day bearable. These are the people we can trust. These are the people we can share our burdens with. These are the people who comfort us. These are our Rays of Sunshine. God has gifted me with many rays of sunshine. Among these is my best friend Aileen. This girl has always been there for me, and though we've had around 50 people ask  us if we were dating, we've remained mutually respectful, we've gotten into fights, as is human nature. But we always climb out of the pit stronger people and a stronger dynamic duo against all that may threaten us. My sister has a cousin who needs prayer. A cousin who truly is a gift from god. A cousin who has had to undergo more than his share of hurt in his life. A cousin who has had more surgeries on his brain than anyone I've ever heard of. This kid was clearly meant to be a ray of sunshine to his family, this kid needs help. I'm not asking for much. Just whenever you pray or meditate or whenever you do what you have to do. Think of this 11 year old kid in Mexico, and send him some love. He deserves it.

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