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Thursday, January 26, 2012

What is a prejudice?

To understand what a prejudice we first have to understand what a stereotype is. A stereotype is natural, most commonly frowned upon, but really its a normal way to look at the world. So what is a stereotype? A stereotype is a box. It's an imaginary box. It's not a pretty box. It is just a box. We put people in boxes based on many ideas. Some superficial ideas may be the popular kids at school versus the nerds. The boss and the employee. Stereotypes are how we see the world, how we compartmentalize everybody. Stereotypes make our job as humans easier. So as I've said, stereotypes are natural. 

Imagine a world without stereotypes. Where everyone was the same white mush as the rest of the universe, or everyone was their own special person. The real harm done is not in the stereotype, but when you treat someone like based on a stereotype, or judge them based on shallow aspects of what you may or may not suspect. That right there is totally not flyable, cool, or okay. 

I want a prejudice. 
It's been a long day.
It's been a long 4 days. 
(It's thursday)

Here begins my civil rant.

But how can we sit there and expect this greatness from ourselves when the others who we strive so hard to respect and love for all their imperfections would rather sit there and try to diss, rank, insult, or hate on, such menial aspects of what makes you, you. How can I expect this greatness from myself when my fellow man can not even gather up the decency to realize that people from this world come from all walks of life. The answer is simple, because I am DIFFERENT.

Hold up Aly. How are you gonna sit there and act like you're better than this kid.

Well little voice the answer is simple. Because I am a blessing

Huh? Are you high?

Nope, I heard today at school that every child is a blessing for their parents. I am a blessing. I see the world differently then other people. I see every person as a blessing. I see their flaws, I see my flaws. I see how the world can improve. How many other people can say that?

BUT! (here comes mr. part of my mind thats against me) You're just a normal kid. Theres nothing that sets you apart.

This is what I tell myself when I'm down low. But I'm on the rise. So step off little voice. 

                                                          -So back to prejudice-

Just like everything else in this world, prejudices are necessary, and to think they aren't is to view the world through the eyes of a child. Or non-philosopher. 

But you just said prejudices are bad? You aren't making sense.

Little voice in my head, do me a favor and try to keep up. Prejudices are necessary to act in cases of hostile encounters. You have to put your foot down with the people that just don't get that you mean no harm nor do you wish to fight. So hostility, and the judgement inside ones head about a certain person is okay. 

Now I think to myself...Wait this isn't prejudice this is just learning from past experience. This is adapt to survive in middle school. 

And how right you are little voice! I guess I should change this. But I don't redo blogs. 

Now I explain what brought this on: So I'm sitting in my 8th period class and this ugly kid (I don't judge, but with this kid its on the inside and the outside so I make an exception) sitting next to me looks at me and tells me how badly taken care of my shoes are. This is a kid whose main purpose in life is collecting Nike shoes, cursing at people online, and yelling at people in front of teachers in the middle of class. This is the kid whose mental health you worry about. Anyway I know all this already so I mildly dismiss him and say because I don't wear my shoes for looks. 

I swear to god this kid had no idea what I had just said to him. He actually asked me why I would wear shoes, if not for looks. At this point I'm already planning my next blog about how people can be so ignorant. So basically I mildly dismiss him and thats the end of it. Next some people from the yearbook come in and take pictures. When its my turn I do some dumb face, because honestly I'm not in the mood to pose but the teacher said if you don't cooperate then you stay afterschool. So here comes big Mr. Ugly. Who graces me with some mildly injuring remarks. This other kid comes up and says something and I swear to god my mouth dropped. He says :

Basically he doesn't stop so I tell him to shut his mouth. That works pretty well.

So what are the lessons?

  1. Don't hesitate to stand up for yourself.
  3. The only Ugly thats really ugly is when its on the outside and the inside.
  4. You and every other person on this earth is a blessing. Don't ever forget it.

Prejudice is OK if it's adapt to survive

sweet dreams little readers

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