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Wednesday, February 15, 2012


 Based on your knowledge of monks and monasteries, write two paragraphs explaining why you might want to become a monk, or why not. If you would not want to be a monk, then you  must explain why someone else might find it worthwhile.  What challenges would you face?  What rewards would you expect? Please double-space and type in normal font.  
This is due tomorrow.
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If I was to conceive of abandoning my life and joining a monastery today. I would consider the obvious things as obstacles. I would miss my friends, family, and life far too much to leave. Also I do one day in the very distant future have a general idea of becoming a surgeon and living with my wife and children. However, if I was to consider the thought of leaving home to become a monk seriously, I would have to weigh the pros and cons. The pros: I would most likely achieve spiritual enlightenment, and since I do believe in God and the concept of lessons and experiences "carrying over" from life to life. In the long run, it would be a better decision. However, an immediate counter to this would be, that meditation and prayer could get one to the same place as being a monk would. Furthermore, as is taught in Islam, spiritual and material pursuits are equally important. Actually I think I would be open to the idea, however, simply the giving up of a mate, putting aside the material gains that would be lost, would be enough for me to seriously doubt ever becoming a Monk or Priest of any kind.

If I were to make the decision during the middle ages however, I would take into account my life situation. If I was a noble, the choice would obviously be no. I would be living a life of wealth and power. There would be no reason to go. If I was a peasant, my answer would still vary. If I had children or a wife, then I would have too many obligations, and living a spiritual life after abandoning a young child and defenseless woman to the horrors of the world would be unspeakable in my terms. However, if I was a homosexual, or had no family, then the idea of having a child would not apply and a more satisfying life would result from the pursuit of God.

*Note I indented in the homework*

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