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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I came upon a beautiful thing

a couple days ago. I found this new hangout spot. A tree and a lake make for some awesome alone time. My tree is about 30 feet high, and last time I climbed it I got about 20 feet up. I like listening to music and looking out across the reflective water. I love the feeling of looking up and seeing nature. I amuse myself by thinking how I would be the only person to EVER see the view. It's a nice concept. Thinking you're worth something. Thinking you have something no-one else does. But at the end of the day, what REALLY makes you special? Our choices:

A- Your new jeans

B-Your spiritual awareness

C- Your looks


The answer: D. What makes you stand out from the thousands of other people just in the 50 miles surrounding you? WOW! You can do a cool trick on a skateboard. Guess what! Theres a kid across the street who could do that a year ago. You take really good care of your hair. Great. So do the other popular kids in your school. You work out. So do other people.

What makes you different?

What's the point of living if you aren't able to stand out?
There's no point in trying to stand out to the random people you don't know.

This may not make sense to you. Because I've done a really crappy job of explaining what I'm really trying to say.
Just disregard this.
The only reason I'm not deleting this is because I put minor thought into it.


If you were about to let that ruin your day. We've got some serious problems.

I honestly don't understand how teenagers, and people in general can be so emotionally reliant or dependent on the crowd. Why does a strangers opinion of you matter more then yours? Because somehow we've managed to let the shallow opinions of strangers determine your own self worth.
People don't matter.


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