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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Oh well.

I've decided that looking back on my blog. The speech patterns are too staccato for the flowing voice inside my head to read without unease. So simply put, for this blog I'm going to not write what comes to mind but more refined thoughts about trivial matters. I hope you find enjoyment. PSYCH!! dude thats not me. I'm chill and if you dont like it then suck it up. Anywaysies, instead of my interpretation of narcicism, i'd like to talk about haters. Today in my history class, the teacher called us up for some funny humiliation in front of the class. because of my awkwardness at this new school, funny stuff i said were totally ignored by the class. while those who werent totally judgemental laughed. sucks to suck. anyway, this little girl who ive been having little problems with hit me because i said something when the Professor said not to say anything. of course i made a face like wtf &R**&%$#@$#%*&*$!!!!! i'm sure people noticed but i cant say i care obviously i could deck this girl anytime but because im a total gentlemen i just gave her a look which she probably didnt even see. so now this midget thinks she can walk all over me. this should be fun. Anyway, thats just a little example in my own day about haters. Everyones got the little people doing the little things. whether the cause is jealousy, ignorance, following the crowd, or just not having the guts to stand up for what you know is right. which brings me to my second point. A couple days ago we had this ex american idol nominee come to our school. he was a total awesome singer who had been bullied at our school when he still went. and he was looking like a totally normal guy. he sung two songs. the one that hit home was called bulletproof vests. its about how you cant let what people say get to you. that being said i have a message to the haters and to the kids who arent yet strong enough to fend for themselves against the haters. for the haters, just know that your actions today could affect the way someone turns out. no matter how small a remark. at the least you could ruin their day, at the most, you could ruin their life. so be smart. do the right thing. it sounds like its been said too many times because it has. heres a different way. that kid with the thick glasses, the high voice, and the not nike shoes who looks like a loser now. he's gonna end up being your boss. he's gonna be the guy who decides how you live. perfect example would be bill gates. so be good. be kind. or you'll live a crappy life scroll below for karma reference. Now for my fellow nerds and other kids who are being hated on. Be strong dudes and dudettes, rise above all the bs, and notice that the people who think theyre so much better then you now are just insecure shells of people that you are. the people who will most likely just be the scum of society. because as my mom says: Karma's a bitch. so be strong now. and don't wait for the chance to flourish later. you can make it happen now. whether you have a face full of zits like me. a potbelly bigger than the drunk guy from the movies. or a big nose. You are special and great just the way you are. and for the guys and girls who hate on that little kid whose not that pretty or handsome now. I know plenty of people (: myself included :)  that went from being fat little nerds with no clue on how to dress, act, or function in society. To the people that all the girls (or guys) wanna get with. basically said, dont judge someone before they become the real them.
i wish you all lessons from above
peace (\|/)
love <3
and happiness :)
wear your bulletproof vests


  1. I love you son!!!! Am so proud of you!!!! Keep on blogging! and remember....THIS TOO SHALL PASS...IT ALWAYS DOES!

  2. Haters have no age....Ali what you go through as a young adult...are experiences which will make you strong & teach you to out smart THOSE....
    you should know how much we learn from young adults like you....keep writing & sharing....:)
    hugs & kisses son
    Auntie Amina