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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sleep :)

Well for you 4 people that read my blog (we're up by one woohoo!!) I'd like to talk about one topic that affects the lives of humans, birds, amphibians, not sharks, not vampires, most likely werewolves, and most earthly beings! SLEEP. We all know it and love it, i can't share any point of view but my own. even though i probably will eventually. Anywaysies, sleep. When us kids were younger back in the old days. of 2004. we used to hate sleeping. MOM! LET ME WATCH MORE SPONGEBOB. because we all love spongebob. if you dont. leave this blog and never come back. if you do. then congrats you win an award for being just like any normal person with a conscience. As we grow older and our insane energy fades. until we're old and crotchety and hormonal. we learn to appreciate sleep. we learn to give up facebook time for sleep. we learn to give up homework time for sleep. (worth it most of the time) we learn to give up studying for tomorrows test time. (the day after this, we die) and until the point when we are healthier because of more sleep. and then the weekend hits. and we stay up till 10 am. and then we freak out on monday. that solves this anomaly as to why monday is the worst day of the week. I myself am trying to sleep an hour and a half ago. oh well. c'est la vie.
Hi Sarah! im honored to have you check out this youngins blog. may god bless all of you weirdos and standouts. and bless those that pick on you with the chance to see what theyve done
learn your lessons
stay clean.
dont move it. or youll lose it
i dont understand what that means
i seriously need more cliches. as in. TELL ME MORE CLICHES. they make me smile!
hugs not drugs kids!
also. if you have a test tomorrow. sucks. you should sleep. its just like studying except it makes your grade go down! same basic concept.
goodnight. also if dr. b is here. id like to say hi!
bye now!

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