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Monday, November 28, 2011

Change of plans :(

Well, im sure you kids care deeply about cajuns,  but today i'm not going to talk about them. sorry -.- I'm going to talk about facebook. a disease commonly found in american adolescents. age: adolescent to end of adolescent. The reason i feel this is a disease is not only because with a few codes typed in, a rapist can access your entire life. Your pictures, feelings. good thing i have this blog so i can be all private and stuff! anywaysies. Facebook in my own case takes away an hour a day. obviously thats not much time a day for most people. but imagine. in a month. you would have wasted over a day. in a year. even more. i'm too lazy to do the math but you get the point. so basically. if you dont want to be stalked, killed or waste time. deactivate your facebook. For my large amount of readers (5 at peak) who have self control and wouldnt waste time on facebook during the weekdays. congratulations! youve taken the first step to not becoming a dead, stalked time wasting blob! we commend you upon your progress!
You should also know . my mom took away my facebook today. for which i must thank her. i was thinking of doing the same thing myself. because honestly. I DONT CARE IF MY BEST FRIEND IS EATING A TURKEY SANDWICH! no matter how tasty it may look. i'm hungry
goodbye for now dear friends.
love always
your friendly neighborhood ex-stalkeree, dead kid, and time waster.
also a hormonal teen :)
peace love happiness. i need more cliches.

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