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Monday, November 21, 2011

Two People

I heard a quote somewhere in the past week: "jump in with both feet" today, I shall address the most controversial topic in my life today. My second identity. Sounds kinda crazy I know, but let me break it down for you. Last year i went to a GREAT school. Im talkin everything being perfect. But this year, we did a switcheroo! and now I'm at a different more stuffy private school. I'm purposely not saying names because I know the law sucks and people sue and stuff. So anyways, the fact that its a stuffy private school. FINE! I can deal with it! I can be a good boy for 8 hours a day. But the differences

Old School.
people stay hanging around the lockers 45 minutes after school ends.
New School
people hate the school so much they get all their homework stuff the period before and basically leisurely sprint out of the school.
But I can deal with that.

something that's occurring to me. i don't usually capitalize my i's and i dont start my periods with sentences. :) you will learn to deal with it. Now back to my soap opera.

Old School
People gladly welcome you into the social hierarchy.
new school
nobody talks to you
i can deal. just be open and happy right?

old school
your friends are open with you, people are normal, we act out in a healthy way, and we love each other
new school
your friends are hardly ever open with you, we bottle all the bad things in until we're ready to explode. we dont know each other

^This is a problem
old school
only a few parents knew each other well, which added to the open environment because people could get to know each other normally
new school
completely tribal. Noone pays attention to the new kid, or parent. lucky my moms amazing at fitting into new places.

These are only the main problems at school.
My whining fest is over.
I know for a fact that next year it will get better, because this school has two campuses and the only high school is on the other campus. the location of the school now is basically a new country altogether. Everybody knows everybody. people see each other outside of school every weekend. (i think… new kids don't get invited)

This person that i have to be, forcing jokes out of myself to ease my own tension and awkwardness bothers me to no end. I look forward to the weekend when i can be among people who know and love me for me. knowing being the most appreciated of the two.
School Me
forces jokes
no swag (im thinking about doing a post on swag)
afraid to speak out
very few friends
Normal me
jokes come naturally, and they are hilarious
all the swag in the world (dont hate please :) )
never afraid to be heard
friends with everybody
loud boisterous and happy

anyways, im doing my best to be the happiest, best me i can be. im loving life, and trying to learn the lessons from this experience
thanks for reading
-socially frustrated teenager

-socially frustrated teenager

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