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I'm glad you've found me! Welcome to my blog. I am an abnormal teen though you don"t see it at first. Strange once you do and funny if you know what to look for. I appreciate creepers like no other! Look around and get to know me a little bit :)

Sunday, November 20, 2011


Hi kiddies :) I'd like to just start of by saying I am honored you took the time out of your most likely eventless day to come to MY blog. I'm totally stoked and floored that you found me. I've been thinking about starting one of these things for a while now, and I've finally gotten around to it.
Here's some random facts about myself that you probably won't care about, but read them anyway
1. My mom has a super awesome blog
2. I am aware that number one wasn't about me. Deal with it.
3. I'm trying to get by one day at a time
4. Yoga is my new hobby
5. I love some random stuff don't ask
7. My Brother also has an awesome blog!
8. You didn't notice I skipped 6
9. I stole that from the book of faces
10. a. I can be weird and i say some pretty far out stuff sometimes. Here's the challenge. Look past all the weird and get to know me for the real weird stuff. Not the fake weird stuff.
10. b. That right there is an example of some of the stuff you might be seeing on my blog. Its a misnomer.
11. I like dancing
12. I am a teenager.
13. This is a full time occupation
We at Simple Thoughts. By a Simple Guy. Appreciate your time. Please proceed by reading some simple thoughts and trying to wrap your head around them.

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