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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Dearest apologies!

For the whole three of you that bother to check this weird-hormonal teens blog, we'd like to apologize for any inconvenience due the lack of posts. Even though I'm sure your lives, heartbreakingly, don't revolve around me or my messages. I have some things to say. First off, I want to talk about how this blog thing has been a result of my addiction to Facebook. Like 99% of normal american teens, I check my Facebook multiple times a day, and whenever something funny or shareable happens I have an urge to take a picture and Facebook it. Before I had discovered this beautiful contraption the bloggers of the world have thought out. I used to look down on that urge as an unhealthy addiction. Which it was. But now that i have this blog. I can choose whom I tell about it and hope they don't go screaming that yet another teenager has a blog. So I'd like to thank the people from blogspot :) thanks bros! Also, i'd like to get one HUGE HUGE HUGE GINORMOUSLY LARGE point across. which I will do in the next post. Because its THAT BIG.

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